You Can Choose Your Auto Body Shop:

Don’t let your insurance company tell you where to take your car. It is your car, take it where you want to get it repaired. Most insurance companies try to steer you to a direct repair provider, so they can save money on your repairs. Many times these direct repair providers cut corners to save the insurance company money.

What is the Warranty on my Repairs?

The Warranty at Lakeland collision is a Limited Lifetime warranty. (This does not include rust repairs)

 Your estimate seems a little high to me, can I get a couple of estimates?
The insurance company will have an adjuster look at your vehicle and estimate the cost to repair the damage. The adjuster will only take into account the damage that can be seen and will tell you there may be more damage they cannot see at this time.

Why do you have to remove the bumper to paint it?

In order to do a professional quality bumper refinish, we must be able to paint the edges that are tightly fit against the car. Anything less would jeopardize the durability of the paint procedure. Short cuts are NOT recommended.


What happens if the insurance adjuster’s estimate is lower than your estimate?
Many times the adjuster is only taking into account damage they can see. Once we get the car to our shop, there is sometimes more damage that the adjuster could not see. They do not have the ability to disassemble the vehicle and the adjuster’s estimate may be lower than ours. We will contact your insurance company at this point to ensure timely repair of your vehicle.

Why do you have to color blend when painting?
Blending of an adjacent panel insures a correct color match. This is mostly done when cars are painted with a pearl, metallic or non-solid color

What determines whether a car it totaled?
If the cost to repair the car is higher than the value of the car, it is considered totaled. A car is not necessarily totaled if there is frame or unibody damage anymore. The insurance company makes this decision.